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Videos from events at our parish

On Saturday September 22, 2012, St. James parish hosted a day long symposium entitled: "Wisdom from the Ancient Church." We were honored to host Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green as the key-note speaker. We were greatly blessed by the day together with her: by her beautiful, deep, loving, and peaceful spirituality. See for yourself! We are blessed to share videos of her presentations that day (as well as the other presentations from the symposium). For more information about Kh. Frederica, please visit her web site:

Wisdom from the Ancient Church - Symposium on Early Christian Spirituality

St. James Orthodox Christian Church, Fort Collins, CO
Links to videos of the talks given on September 22, 2012:

Icons: Windows into Heaven, Frederica Mathewes-Green
The earliest Christian visual arts and their significance in prayer and worship through the ages. (For clearer photographs of the the icons referred to and shown in Frederica's talk, please look for links on her webpage at

The Jesus Prayer, Frederica Mathewes-Green
The "inner tradition" of Christianity, including continuous prayer and the mystical life, as manifested by this ancient prayer from the Christian East.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, Frederica Mathewes-Green
How to approach and honor Christ's mother, "blessed among women," as the early Christians once did.

Beauty in Worship, Subdeacon Joseph Hill
The reason for and importance of beauty in Christian worship, including vestments, candles, incense and chanting, based on biblical precedent and the history of the Eastern Church.

The Spiritual Life, Fr. Mark Haas
Three paradims of the spiritual life from within Orthodox Christian literature, both ancient and modern, and their application in our lives today.

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