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The Prosphora Bakers for St. James Church

Thank God for our dedicated bakers who minister to our parish family by baking the holy bread of offering that is used during our Divine Liturgies and which is called in the Orthodox tradition: Prosphora.

In addition to Prosphora, some of the bakers also make the bread used occasionally for the services on special feasts. This bread is called Artoklasia (or, also, Litya Bread) and is used in the service by the same name which is added to our Great Vespers service in commemoration of certain saints and feast days. This bread is different from the Proshpora and its recipe is less strictly specified by the Church. The Artoklasia breads usually have unique recipes from each of the various ethnic cultures within the Orthodox milieu.

The current schedule can be viewed HERE.

A Prayer
For Prosphora Bakers

Dear Lord, this bread that we will bake (have baked) represents each one of us in this family and in our congregation. We are offering ourselves to You, our very life, in humble obedience and total commitment to You. We place ourselves on Your holy altar through this bread to be used by You in any way that You feel will help enlarge Your kingdom. Accept our gift and make us worthy to receive the greater gift that You will give us when You consecrate this bread and give it back to us as Your Precious Body. Amen.

(This prayer is said, with the appropriate substitution, before and after baking)

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